Peddler Graphics first opened it's doors in the fall of 2004, but our graphic artists Kristal Norton and Daniel Small have been designing for even longer. They met in college while studying graphic design; and have been working together since.

Dan is now a graphic designer for Hartford Hospital, one of the largest medical centers in New England. He designs websites, presentations, posters, brochures, and more. Visit his personal website at: danieljsmall.com

In addition to designing for clients at Peddler Graphics, Kristal is now a creativity guide on a mission to help others unearth their creative spirit. Over on her personal website and blog, kristalnorton.com, she seeks to inspire, motivate and instill joy while breathing new life into your hibernating passions. She is also the artist and pattern designer behind Rags-n-Tags and Twiddle-Lee.

Having two designers allows us to offer you the widest variety of styles and designs; from whimsical to professional. Whether you just want an original signature for your emails, or a full website for your new business; we can create what you can dream.

All of the graphics we offer are drawn completely by hand from our artist's imaginations; or are created using royalty-free images or scans of our collection of vintage postcards and original photographs.

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